Saturday, April 28

Invited A Couple Thousand Friends

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As I type this the parade is passing by. It's Lancaster's annual Race Against Racism Event. Things start off with a 10k race/walk through the east and south ends of the city. North Lime street is closed in front of my house for the staging. Later the parade winds its way down E. Orange Street and into the city square. I can hear the bands and horns as they pass about fifty yards away.

Actually the police awoke us this morning at around 7 to let me know that my Beetle was blocking the kiddee's raceway along E. Marion St. While the run starts at 9, there were already a couple hundred people milling about and PA systems were getting their "Testing! Testing! 1, 2, 3.... TESTING!" We take diversity seriously in Lancaster City and county. I'd say at least thirty-five percent of the people in these pictures are from the county. Every year a group of Etheopian professionals win the prizes. The thing is... for a photographer, you'd think this thing would be a bonanza. Truth is, I have trouble exploiting crowds. It's a special skill which I've not mastered. You can possibly look at these images and see hundreds of opportunities to do portraits or whatever.

Oh BTW the small arrows? Those point to our home. The sky is darkening now, but it looks as if the promised April showers will hold off until after the parade ends. Racial harmony doesn't need rain.

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