Monday, April 30


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Got my birthday present today. Rita bought me the PhotoShop CS3 upgrade. Figured I wouldn't post tonight... you know, learning curve and all that, thought I'd not be producing anything new for a while. Then I discovered the new B&W adjustment layer. "Hmmmm," I says to myself. "Wonder what this do..... especailly when I blend it with the high pass filter." And here's what it does to yesterday's last image.

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"Ahh!" you reply. "But what about that black and white adjustment layer by itself?"
Well here's what it does with one click. Which makes me wonder what's left in the challenge of doing monochrome. I predict that we shall see so much artsy monochrome in the next year that people will outlaw it. When there is NO challenge... where there is no challenge. Why the hell do it? Eh?

Now something else I noticed to my horror. I no longer have any of my third party filters. I have hundreds of dollars... no maybe well over a thousand dollars of purchased filters. This could be a not nice thing. I guess I now have to check with Lucis and F/X and Alien Skin and.. and... I'll bet they'll all be selling upgrades eh? This could be expensive. Anybody know a short cut (Don't remind me that they'll work in the Rosetta format... I bought the new CS3 principally to take advantage of the dual cores in my MacBookPro - want speeeeeed)?

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mcmurma said...

Hi Ted. I like both versions of this crop. Each has it's own charm and I can't really put more weight on one over the other. You are right, I think, about the barn and tree being the essence of the image, but I like the second version of the wider crop as well. It gives a sense of the past still being alive in the present, and thats always a cool thing.

And Happy belated Birthday! CS3 is so far advanced of my old CS that I'm not sure that the filters work in the same way, but it's probably similar. Most of them should transfer to somewhere into the Plug-Ins folder in the CS3 directory (if the directory structure is the same you should be able to simple copy them over). They are usually just single files with an 8BF extension. Good luck.