Tuesday, April 24

Correction To April 19th

I'd appreciate it if you'd take the time to look at the posting I made last Thursday, April, 19th. I've made a large aleration in that graphic. But is it saveable? Dunno.... Your thoughts?
It's my birthday and 3:24 in the morning. Not sure I'll post anything more today. Let's see what happens.


Okay, here's what happened...

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Hmmmm.... April 19th got a lot of attention and prompted a bunch of email. Not so much about the image quality, rather interest in the widow arrangement on the side of that barn. Well, if you thought that image was a tribute to asymmetry... well take a look at the back of the barn. I guess I have to ask my friends at the Lancaster County Historical Preservation Trust about the why's of the indulgent window/door/hole makers. But if the barn's front was unnerving... Hey... enough doorways for you here?


Andreas said...

So ... Happy Birthday Ted!!!


Andreas said...

OK Ted, this is easily the weirdest building I have ever seen :)

Nice image, btw.