Friday, April 20

Rural Church

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Lancaster County's Southern End is peppered with tiny churches which seemed built during the last great revival in the 1920s. You've seen the old postcards of those places and times - often hand painted to affect an ethereal color mix. So when I came upon The Green Hill UMC yesterday afternoon, under the overcast skies - I wanted to capture the charm of those cards. Cards that were produced when a lot of evangelical theology was forming into the very mold that's held it firm till today. While the county's Amish have clung to a technology which froze in the late 1800s, the county's devout born-again believers hold fast to a set of teachings which froze about forty years later. And the two define part of this region's culture just as firmly as this church describes its rural parts.

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advman said...

Hmm ... honestly, I have no idea how you did that but, wow. You're obviously experimenting a lot these days and this one is quite fantastic.