Wednesday, April 11

Winner! Yeah!

A couple of things tonight. First off... The Canon Digital Forums held a worldwide juried contest to select a limited number of inclusions in an upcoming photographic book. You could submit up to two images in each of a number of categories, but no more than one could be selected to appear in any one category. Great submissions zapped in from all over the world. I submitted to five and have recently heard that one of my images has been accepted in the Transportation category. Go click here for my original posting of the engine from the Strasburg Railroad which will appear in the book.

Wheeeee! And now this....
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So last night I posted this image fo a Gulf station I pass on my way to work. Well I also posted it on the Canon site, wondering if anyone there might see some meaning to it which I missed and a respondent named Denoro wrote, "For me, when I first saw it, it appeared to be making a commentary on oil companies / our countries struggle to obtain oil resources. I thought this due to the Gulf gas station with the firey clouds that reflected the red/orange colors that fire would cast. I also found the photo to slap the viewer in the face a bit with the "Have a SUPER day" banner set off to the right in the photo.

I think it's great. I would tweak the color hue & saturation on the gas station sign because it looks a bit odd to me. Those colors and light would cast down on the area below but the front of the signs, polls and price sign would not be that saturated since the color cast would not directly fall on those areas. I hope that made sense.

Overall, awesome work."

Now that was quite nice and it made me wonder what'd happen if I took the directions. So... here they are in this image. Any thoughts?


mcmurma said...

WhooHoo! Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on the win. 'Tis a fine image to be sure (though I am partial to the "19th Century Car," the winning image is nonetheless one of many favorites from that month).

As to the colorized version of today's image vs. the more monochrome offering, I am leaning with the original. Nothing wrong with either, mind you, but the first example sticks and its charm cannot be shaken by the color.

I often wonder when you present these various interpretations if I would not be more easily swayed towards the latter had I not already been so engaged by the former. Hrmm. I simply can't say for sure. My guess is that I would go with the vision as it first struck my conscience; preferring the newly familiar over the immediate stranger.

So please regard my preferences as suspect, as I can't even stand accountable for them myself.

Bill said...

Congratulations on your win Ted. Visitors to this site already know you are exceptionally talented so it's great that you should receive recognition elsewhere. That is a super image.

Turning to the Gulf image, the original gets my vote. I love the blue/orange combination and without it the image loses much of its oomph.