Saturday, December 30

Secret Forgotten Passageway

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Took a hike with my buddy today. In 1927, Lancaster finally threw the Pennsylvania Railroad out of its center city and opened a new "grand" station on what was the city's far border. From the 1850's at least, tracks and trains cut a wide swath across the town, creating intolerable noise, congestion, wild vibrations, and just plain danger to commerce and pedestrians alike. So, how did these tracks wander through neighborhoods, and what did the city's front door look like to those hundreds of thousands who arrived over the years by might Pennsylvania Rail Road train? Rocco and I followed the clues and discovered the hidden passageway into this colonial brick and shutter town.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I like your new comic book style. I read a lot of comics as a child, Disney as well as Superman, Batman, etc, but the last 25 years I have all but abandoned it, save for the odd Asterix. Comic books and art, that was Roy Lichtenstein for me, and I didn't particularly like it. It had this bad taste of someone who has found a style that sells and therefore sticks to it. Only just recently I have learned that Roy Lichtenstein was very unhappy about that, had tried all kinds of things to escape his image, but failed.

It has never occurred to me that comic book style could be used simply as a means of communication. This is very powerful and I'm looking forward to see more of it.