Saturday, July 14

A Sense Of Where?

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Where in the world did I grab this image? Where in the world is this image expected to be? This looks more like my friend Andreas Manessinger's work than mine.

It is uncanny how much we owe to our European heritage. I caught this today at around 1PM in searing sunlight on the main street of a hamlet with about 500-700 residents. It's a place in Maryland about two hours south of Lancaster called Chesapeake City. Perhaps you've seen a few shots I took of the village last August that are posted on my webiste under "Dixie"? We were there briefly this afternoon on our way to a Bay town named Rock Hall. I took this one picture of a facade that looked to be of otherwhere. It's nagging at me now.

Where is the other-where that this place should be? Huh? Huh? Huh? Suggestions?


advman said...

Not Austria and definitely not anywhere in the Mediterranean. My immediate association is The Netherlands, but not with any confidence, because I've never been there :)

Northern France, the north/west of Germany and southern England also come to my mind, but I'll still bet on The Netherlands, maybe Belgium.


Bill said...

Croatia? Only because of the flag.

Thomas said...

The Flag looks Netherland'ish and also the building might fit. London would be my second gues, although it does not feel completly right - the facade is a bit too squiggled

Ted Byrne said...

Thanks for your guesses, since you are clearly more world-travelled than me... I expect one of you has probably nailed it. In fact, wonder how I even know it is Olde-Worldish? You think I have a pre-birth memory? Thought that sort of LaMarkian-thing was well debunked????