Thursday, July 26


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Betsy Hurley is sort of a day-time neighbor. Two doors north of us on N. Lime Street lives the Lancaster Museum of Art. Two doors south sits the Lancaster Literary Society. Yep, this is an artsy block. Anyway, Betsy is the President of the Literary Society and curiousity comes with her job description. She also edits that magazine in her hand called Raportage, the Society's journal.

Civilizing - that's the objective of people like Betsy. The rule books for civillity are kept by our institutions. And in the great nurture/nature stew in which we simmer, it's a Literary Society's job to add the condiments to nurture's mix. Which involves a hunt for resonating talent. So Betsy's a hunter into quiet places, never quite sure what's going to come out of the the second floor library at 113 N. Lime. I wanted to capture that thing about her as she rounded the library corner.


Joy said...

Did you give her a fright though? Good thing she didn't fall down the stairs. Why did you choose sepia?

Norwich Daily Photo

Ted Byrne said...

(Joy) Nope, no fright. It was a candid capture of the moment. As for the sepia... I used natural light with a small flash fill which - given a skylight above - resulted in a blue cast. Returning the blue to a grey scale resulted in a red shift - which appears sepia but in fact captures the apparent light of the stairwell quite adequately.

In other words... nature chose sepia! Heh heh heh...

Thanks for the comments. And BTW... your blog is fascinating. The dead on, uncompromising way you are showing us Norwich is intriguing. I have the feeling that I will become quite familiar with the town as you reveal its parts to us.

Thanks for sharing.

John Roberts said...

A fabulous location portrait! The warm tones give a real "feel" of her environment.