Monday, July 30

Move There!

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The world stays the same even when we move it in our minds. Um, let me try that again... The world moves, even when we will it to stay the same. Er...

Okay, once more. Suppose you're five years old and standing in the deep grass just beyond a field of fresh brown rows. And suppose you love everything about it but that farm, you figure, ought to be about fifteen feet to the right. You know that if you tell your dog, or your parents to move - well they do it. So you decide to try your awesome powers to reconfigure the world to your whim on the barn.

"Move there!" you command. eyes closed. And... remember now, you're sixty months old, give or take a couple of weeks, and... and... you open your eyes and... ??

When you're five years old... Is there anything you don't believe in? When you haven't tried so very much... Everything you do try is magic. I'm going to figure that when you open your eyes you can believe that the barn is somewhere new. And you can smile, and maybe sit in the tall grass: and watch the sun set golden on the world you've just rearranged.

And the world should move that way. It really, really should. When we're five years old - the world moves, because we will it to stay - different.

GEEK STUFF: Canon EOS 20D, Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6),1/125 at f9, Exposure Bias value: 1.67, ISO: 100, Focal Length: 30mm, Time: 7/1/07 - 7:06 pm, Flash: Off, Metering Mode: Average, Camera Raw.

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pnfphotography said...

Beautiful country view and from a child's eye so to speak. Magic is what childhood should be all about it is a shame we tend to not step into that magic as adults very often.