Tuesday, July 10


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Here's beautiful girl standing in a puddle at the Ranck's Fourth of July picnic. She jumped about in the thing until her mom called. And for a moment it occurred to her that she might stop. See! See the thought flit across her face.


This is an authentic moment. The only one where manners, and propriety overcame her. It was an instant when grown-up rules interrupted the child. Didn't last long.

As we mature, those moments lengthen. We pause longer between our puddle leaps. Until we stop splashing around, and call to the child who we see... her feet in the puddle. And it's our turn to inject a crack of adult-ness between - SPLAAAAASH! SPLAAAAASH! SPLAAAAASH! SPLAAAAASH! ...SPLAAAAASH!


John Roberts said...

This is a beautiful interplay of light and shadow. I love the way you captured that moment of indecision on her face: listen to Mom, or listen to my desire to continue to play in the puddles? The temptation to continue to play is still there for me when I'm doing something I enjoy, and I know I have adult responsibilities to take care of. I think we all understand her dilemma.

pnfphotography said...

This is perfect in every way and yes the MOMENT is everything...pure delight.... the spark in a child's eye is like nothing else.

Ted Byrne said...

(John) Whoa... you nailed the way I reacted to her. It's uncanny how we still, even after years of leaving childhood puddle jumping behind... pass one... and feel the urge to... SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLAAAAAASH! And how we hear Mom calling from somewhere within our dendrite mix... And silently sigh... And since we cannot actually see our faces, we're unaware that for just an instant... we wear that little girl's look, eh?

(pnf) And don't you know when that sparkle dances in your own eyes? And don't you chuckle just thinking about it?

It's not sad that puddle jumping fills less of our lives. It's sad only if the sparkle never happens.

Thanks for sharing...


mcmurma said...

John nailed it. Nothing more to say about the feeling of this shot. Sheer poetry.

advman said...

Yes, yes, I'm with everyone else. This image is impeccable (but why did nobody mention the lines? Oh that lines!!), let's leave it at that.

No, for a change, it's the words in your own comment: "It's sad only if the sparkle never happens".

That's profound. I know so many people for whom the sparkle does not happen any more. It sure is sad.


Bill said...

Those lines got my attention as well. I noticed how they're all straight and rigid and at right angles to each other - punctuation for mom's declaration peraps? But then, if you look in the puddle, suddenly they're all wavy and in disarray - interesting.

Great capture Ted.

Ted Byrne said...

(McM) "Poetry!" Yipes and GAAAASP! Given the way your work sings, that's a wonderfully warm encouragement.

(Advman) Sometimes the song comes to me as the image emerges, and I just sing the words as I type them. This was one of those times.

(Bill) Of course a man of your technical mastery would notice what the magician was up to. I thought I'd done a good job of distracting you by waving one hand, but nooooo... you noticed the other hand was diddling with the rabbit in the hat, huh? You don't mean to imply that perhaps the reflection is more a creature of my imagination than nature's? Of course you don't... Heh heh heh....