Tuesday, July 17

Girl On Bench

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So... in a post visualization frenzy (see last night's post for explanation) I decided to use PP as a visual research laboratory in order to explore pure color while I combined pieces of images from different exposures and subjects. Summer's the time for citrus, so maybe I should rename this... Citrus Girl On Bench?


pnfphotography said...

beautiful watercolor like painting. I like the soft feel to this and the color is always striking in your images I must learn how to spike my images with a brighter color as I do like yours. I seem to have a harder time stepping off what the actual image was ya know.

advman said...

Hehe, point taken. I certainly don't hate that kind of coloring :)

Ted, do you use a graphic tablet for that kind of work? And if so, which one? I ask because I have a very cheap one and I don't use it, but whenever I see something like this, it makes me wonder :)


Ted Byrne said...

(pnf) A civil war rages among photographers over this sort of post visualization. Many will deny that it has a claim to call itself photography. They are wrong of course... of course... of course. My problem is an inability to adequately discipline my saturation. I grew up in cities. Worked in them. I like neon. It is a natural palette to me. One I gotta overcome.
(Andreas) Yep... I use a Wacom Intuos 2. The 7"X8.25" model. It is a part of everything I do on my G4. However, I've found that I can use my Mighty Mouse almost as effectively on my MacBook Pro. There are still a bunch of things I should take the time to master re. using the Wacom Pen tool. But that explains a whole bunch of my life as well.