Wednesday, July 18

Greist Building

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Tired tonight. See the time stamp on last night's post? And as usual I was up around 6-am today. Sooner or later the candle starts to flicker. I've got a sleepy buzz on that's taken my IQ down about 15 points. Nice thing is that it's mellow down here. Most of the things that fire contention don't bother me much in the hammock of almost-a-sleep. I'm going to post this thing, let Rocco-The-Dog out, get his good-night goodies - and hit the snore boards.

I guess it was my semi stupor which attracted me to this image from the Lancaster's town square. That's our only, um, sky scraper. They've not allowed anyone to think that big since. Like me tonight, the image's colors are still bright in spots, but the closer you get to earth... the more they all become a gentle murk. Hmmmm.... yeah - gentle murk, nice place to go eventually. Don't you feel twilight differently from the rest of the day? I'm told there are places where the day's light goes off abruptly as if it had been switched. That's got to affect the folks there. Not sure they grow up understanding nuance. On the other hand... judging by the political and advertising world - who does?

Good night.


Chad Oneil said...

Really cool, Ted. I like the perspective on it and the color.

pnfphotography said...

I like the perspective you captured this from. It is city life indeed to my eye. Always a delight even when your tired.

Craig Tanner said...

Hi Ted,

This is just beautiful. Any one element alone would be enough to carry the image...the stunning color combinations...the quality of mixed light...the camera position...or the feeling of old and new...all of them together are amazing. I am very happy to hear about your upcoming show!!!! I hope this image is in it!!!...Craig...P.S. I hope your writing is somehow a part of the experience!

Ted Byrne said...

(Chad) Nice of you to notice what a 10mm lense will do... and that Canon sure does capture a nice color range, no? It's my favorite optic.

(pnf) You're very generous, and thanks for comenting on the perspective. It is probably off-putting to some. Now that I am re-awakened I've noticed that the base of the building and sidewalk area is a bit too dim/grim. I'm going to work upon that tonight to see of I can re-discover their sparkle.

(Craig) Nice of you to stop by, hope others will take the time to visit your site. I'm totally fortunate that most of the folks who comment here have astonishing talent that they've posted for the world. (Chad & pnf are great examples). As for the word thing... I'm kind of intrigued to display one of my short essays next to each picture that I hang at the show... or at least aside a sampling of them. I'm just worried that it might seem ... pretentious. I'd be happy to get thoughts from others.