Thursday, July 19

My Fall Show... HULP!

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Spoke with the exec-director of the Lancaster Historic Preservation Trust today. He confirmed the specifics for my September 7th show (see details in the column on the right). It's flattering to be asked - but now the real work begins. I suspect that I could easily show a couple of a dozen prints. I just checked my records and I have about sixty prints available - many, if not most - on topic. I'm also thinking (not too seriously) about getting one huge blow-up made, perhaps as large as 50" X 36" but that's an area where I could use some advise. Anybody got any? Last year I saw a similar print on canvas sell for a bundle of money at a local gallery. It was a Lancaster City image. And I thought... Hmmmmm.... I can do that. Now the question is, should I? Hmmmmm....

I'm also wondering which of my prints to exhibit. I know that it will be best to limit this show - so I thought I'd choose exclusively from my Lancaster City images.... hence the name of the show on the ad above. Incidentally the ad will appear in my own magazines in August. I think a half page should do it. Plus I'll attach it to an email blast, along with PR releases to all the area media. But which of my Lancaster City prints to show??? There are a bunch here on this site, and clicking on the keywords "Lancaster City" below will distill them out. If anyone wants to point me toward a favorite which might make a particularly good impression (just let me know the date - OK?).

First Fridays are a big deal here in Lancaster along our Prince Street gallery row. Thousands of people will show up on a nice evening. And the first Friday in September... following Labor Day... that should be a monster. The Historic Preservation Trust mansion is right in the middle of the action - so I hope that the expected foot traffic will be useful.

Now, a word about selling. The Trust will allow me to sell my prints at the show. Of course I shall give them a percentage as a donation. But I don't sell my work as a rule, although I'm tempted to see if I can subsidize my hobby a tad at this event. But that will mean doing a price list... which will mean numbering everything and cross referencing it.... sigh.

Which brings me to another point. I frequently donate prints to distinguished non-profit organizations where they are auctioned. I originally got them framed as part of my donation, but learned that the buyer, after paying a good amount of money, usually wanted to have her own matting/framing done to match her decorating needs. And that meant throwing away the frames. So since then I've simply bought very inexpensive 16" X 20" frames in bulk which have virtually invisible black plastic borders that clamp a piece of glass against the print. They're very simple to use and bring a uniform look to my prints on 13" X 19" archival paper. I've got about thirty of them in a closet here and thought I'd use them to show the prints.


Last point... a friend recently returned from Italy and used the Apple service to compile a very attractive book of his Italian images. He's urging me to do the same thing for my Lancaster City images - each coded with a number, so that it can be displayed at the show along with a price and order list. Hmmmmm....

As you can imagine though... all of this will devour my time... and crack my piggy bank. Hmmmmm.....



Marti said...

Hi Ted,

Congratulations on your upcoming one-man show!! What a wonderful way to display your amazing images. I'm rushing to leave town in the morning for a couple of day, but will pick some of my favorites and let you know when I return.

Again, hearty Congratulations!!!

Marti Jeffers

Chad Oneil said...

Thanks for your recent comment.

Yeah, that spot pulled my eye a little too, but I decided to just leave it.

...I'll probably do some surgery later though ;)

pnfphotography said...

First of all HOW EXCITING and I am stoked for you. I know its allot of work but what a special time ...make sure you ENJOY it. I can only imagine how many decisions your trying to make. I love the layout of the image showing your work and the signature of course. Totally stoked for you !!!!!!! Enjoy every second.

Anna said...

That is so great to have a show Ted! Way to go! I am not sure how I would be bale to make some of those will be tough. I think I would have to keep reminding myself of the AMAZING opportunity! Just have fun!

Thanks for your comments to me as well. It has been so encouraging for me!

John Roberts said...

"Mr. A. S. Groff's Hope" gets my vote for a must include.

advman said...

OK, that's quite a challenge.

I think, one of the most important things you have to do (and I really mean you must), is to have your texts from the blog (modified if necessary) posted to the wall along with your pictures. I mean, I really value you as a photographer and painter, but you are quite some writer too, and I can't imagine wanting your images without the texts. The texts are a dimension of your work, part of it, and I can't imagine "Steeple" from April 26 without the accompanying text. It's hilarious and one of my favorites.

"Century Mix" of April 8 is fantastic and so is "Mystery Hut" from April 5

I wouldn't want to miss "VPLs" from March 10

"Orange? Why?" from March 10 is a classic and so is "Presenting The Fulton Theater" from February 28

"Secret Forgotten Passageway" from December 30 is a fine example of your comics work

"Weight-Less" of December 11 is very typical

"Lock Boxes" of November 30 is great for its nocturnal feeling

"Life? Down There?" of November 28 is creepy

"Jiggle" of September 15 is great

"Heavy on Metal" of September 10 is funny

There are more, but these 11 are some of my favorites of those labeled "Lancaster City".

If of all these I'd have to choose one and only one, then I'd take "Orange? Why?". It's hilariously written and it is so fantastic, I could look at it endlessly.

Hmm ... I'd love to be there and drink a glass on your success :)


Bill said...

I just been going spent a good deal of time going over your Lancaster images Ted and I have come to the conclusion that your task is next to impossible. So many amazing images to choose from.

So, for what it's worth here are a few of my favourites in no particular order:
Fulton Theatre Feb 28
Stoops - Mar 31
Commuting Through Lancaster Mar 20
Orange? Why? Mar 3
VPLs Mar 10
Parking Apr 18
The wreckers...Thaddeus Stevens Plotted

Bill said...

Whoops, please remove "just been" from the opening sentence of that last post.

Bill said...

Double Whoops. I meant to say, remove "been going". I think I'll set the keyboard aside for the rest of today. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be awake.

Marti said...

Hi Ted,

Back from out of town and visiting family has returned home.

Just wanted to toss in my favorites of some of your Lancaster City images. I'm just going to list them by date: July 17, July 7, May 30, May 27, May 21, May 7, April 26, April 18, April 17, April 8, April 4, April 2, April 1.

Is that enough to get you going? I see Andreas has already listed some of the same.

Wish I could be there to see the show. Imagine all of those Teds on display at the same time.

Congratulations again!!

Marti Jeffers