Saturday, July 7

Outta Space!

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My images filled up a 500G drive last night. Which abruptly left me with no place to save an image today. So my friend Steve drove us down to the Mac store where I picked up a brand new LaCie 1 Terabyte drive which puts about 1.75 T totally on line now to deposit stuff. I recall when I bought the external 500 G LaCie that filling it seemed unimaginable. But big graphic files, some diddling with video podcats (I wonder if they can be attached to this blog... anyone know?), and my Mac-Tunes library have elbowed away the free space. Worse yet, there just wasn't enough space to backup either of those folders. I looked at the 2T LaCie, but the consumer reviews on both the Apple website and at Amazon were so lousy that I've decided to go with just an additional terabyte until it's time to move on up to a new Mac Pro at around Christmas.

Now, with a long ... long ... backup in progress - it's just not possible to produce the image I'd hoped for today. So, I peered about four years back into my archives to find Grant St. Puddle. I present this image as a failure. Yep... there was a long ago forgotten goal for this image, however I did it at a time when I was unable to exercise any useful discipline. So each time it appeared finished, there came to mind one additional design thingee that could be tried. Probably there are some ten hours of time in this thing... perhaps a lot more. I recall that it kept calling me back... and back. I don't think it ever snuck out of its original folder - until finally it seemed useful today (given that I can't actually do something new) to flash the mess around.

Here's an example of what not to do. And how not to do it. Think of it as a companion piece to yesterday's tacky art. Okay, perhaps it was a learning experience, allowing me as it did to try out dozens of effects.

Anyone who wants to download and diddle with it is welcome. Who knows, perhaps you can find the one silver bullet which will actually turn this into art? Enjoy... Tomorrow with storage back on line, I'll stop with the mistakes, satires, and dreck.

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