Friday, July 27

Nothing Is Ever Black Or White

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We humans have a wacky ability to make others, or creatures, or things... into the instruments for fantasies.

Take this attractive lady last evening in Musser Park. How middle class she looks. And yet as she sits there on the phone… there is something, um, a tad edgy – wouldn’t you say?

Actually that depends upon what you find edgy. Okay, so how about I say "provocative" instead of edgy? Well, no… no… once again… that’s a meaning that careens about inside of your head.

Fine then let’s notice the 600 pound gorilla – the tat. It’s gorgeous work. It’s permanent work. She has imposed herself upon herself. Or at least allowed an artist to impose a statement upon herself. And you think exactly what about that? And why does what you think about that matter? Unless, what you think… your ideas… are what make you, you. And then it matters a lot to anyone who comes to know you.

What I’m thinking is that this “edgy something” which this lady has allowed – is now normal for her. But edgy implies avant-guard, no? Yet if we are all avant… what is left to guard? What do the edgy kids fantasize when otherwise middle class folks sport fantastical enhancements?

It’s a whacky mystery.


pnfphotography said...

ahhh Body Art is a beautiful freedom of expression I feel. I too would add some design to my body if I were not so afraid of needles. I love that she looks so ordinary and yet her leg speaks of color and a certain vibrancy that does not fit the rest of her. I could listen to your mind and the many questions and thoughts of the day you often render.

GreenShutter said...

nice , job, I like it...

John Roberts said...

I have a hard time deciding if tattoos are the ultimate in bravery or stupidity. Some that I see are beautiful works of art, but will the wearer feel the same way about it 10, 15, 20 years down the road? Too bad if they don't. We all did, said, wore things when we were in our early 20's that we're glad weren't permanent attachments now. I'm content just to admire the tattoos of those who are willing to take the risk.