Tuesday, July 24

Outside In July

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Listened to a couple of kids today at a chi-chi coffee shop moaning about how their riding mowers were so uncomfortable in the sun when their parents forced them to cut the lawns. Heard a woman holler at child this weekend: her boy wouldn't get into the car fast enough so she could crank up the air conditioning. Saturday a nearby family cancelled a picnic: said it was way too humid and sticky.

Took a picture with a point and shoot camera last thursday on an afternoon when it wasn't just hot... it was diabolical.

Here it is.


Bill said...

Glad you found your voice again Ted. It seems no one is being spared the incredibly hot temperatures this summer. This image does a great job of portraying that.

Chad Oneil said...

Believe me, I know what you mean about "humidity" ;)

pnfphotography said...

Has been brutal here as well...am sick of the heat here!! Be happy you were not helping me move 75lb bales of hay.... gawwwwwwwwd awful. We are lucky as we do not have the humidity I think you must enjoy! Love the Amish moment in your capture as well my horse would not work in the heat LOL he is spoiled rotten.

Ted Byrne said...

(Bill) mumble.... whisper... What it is see is that there are times when real life says to me, "Ted, you got to re-prioritize today, Dude." And that leaves me with time to speak either visually or verbally as opposed to both. And since I have missed so few posts since I started this blog last year... well, I tend to go for visually. Thanks for your reactions to the heat.
(Chad) Yeah, hot. But notice that this Amisher was out there, with his mules - and even layers of clothing. Makes me feel like a wuzzzzz.
(phf) So your horse stays home in airconditioned splendor and these mules pull their load. Hmmmm.... BTW... note the rig here to use six of these guys. Hooking them up must be a deal, eh?