Sunday, July 15

Fondle X Three

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Each year at the Fourth of July picnic, the Ranck Brothers fondle a tree. You know why? Um, neither do I. Hey.... who am I to judge, eh?


Anna said...

Hey Ted....thanks for your nice comments and visits to my blog. I really love sharing my images and it is so encouraging to me to hear from other people who love photography!

Have a great week!


Chad Oneil said...

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog.

This is a very unique image! Well done.

...funny too ;)

mrsnesbitt said...

Like to have a drink of what they are on! LOL!

Ted Byrne said...

{Anna): Your blog is a stop everyone should place on their travel schedule. Your casual talent is enervating.

(Chad): Heeeeee's Baaaaack!! Chad O'Neil punked out on us some weeks back - posting a notice that when it came to regular posting and life... well he was choosing life.... Or some such excuse. Well, life has apparently released a little of Chad's time and I have restored his URL to my list of links there in the right column. Enjoy.

(Mrs Nesbitt): These fellas are brothers and I gather that they planted that tree some years ago (called it the Freedom Tree, or Anniversary Tree... something like that). And each July 4th they come back to it - where it stands behind the family home in Strasburg - and literally touch base by touching the tree.

Three fun guys, with a delightful ritual, you're right in smiling and laughing. The Ranck Brothers love to.

pnfphotography said...

This is a fun series of them...delightful....I think this is very fun and I do wonder...fondle a tree....hmmmmmmmmm grins why is that... I am not familiar with it but it is funnnnny.

Chad Oneil said...

...Thanks, Ted ;)