Tuesday, July 3

Picturing Intangibles

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It’s been said that words and images mix like Paris and Elizabeth (That’s Hilton and Tudor of course). Oddly much of our best writing is obsessed with the visible – in fact our language is at heart metaphorical, words that were imagined from visible objects and things. Meantime the best image making has become immersed in the sensual, philosophical or even the spiritual.

Take this attempt to illustrate an idea about a feeling which I don’t think words could convey. Isn’t it odd that words will describe specifically but whether fiction or real – the image exists on a plane that is representational. Hmmmm…. Yet conventional wisdom concludes that pictures show objects, and words describe emotions. Go figger.

These horses grazing the lush fields of a prosperous Amish farm are the result of envy. Have you visited… pnf’s photographic blog? If not click here. Her special talent for capturing animals makes the process appear so simple. And that drove me down to the southern end of Lancaster County on Sunday evening to grab some snaps of horses in the sweet twilight. I did, only to discover how challenging these beasties are. First off, they are BIG SUCKERS! And they are very horizontal. To someone used to his animals standing on two legs for vertical framing, well It’s really hard to… no… it was impossible for me to come away with thin, tall images of any use.

So here is one of my first horse ideas. Now, go visit pnf… and then lemme know… is this even worth trying again? Or do we just abdicate this field to the master… um… mistress of the horse?


pnfphotography said...

I like your image indeed. Beautiful peaceful pasture with amazing creatures. Thank you for your kind words and I do enjoy shooting the equine. I just got permission today that I will be able to shoot the next wild mustang gathering at the corrals. I am stoked.... so lets hope I can get 12-14 fine images!! I have waited over a year to try my hand at it again....I look forward to seeing more of your works of art.

advman said...

Ahh Ted, you did it! Being back from the sunny shores of the Adriatic to a rainy day in Carinthia, making my round, I just came from PNF's blog where I read your post.

I like your image as well. Nice resolution. It's not about horses in a landscape, it's about a landscape with horses :)

Some time ago you took on the word "pastoral" and, voilà, here is it again.


Ted Byrne said...

(pnf) Of coursee I wonder what a "wild mustang gathering at the corrals" must be. I suppose it has nothing to do with vintage cars run amok? Thank you for patient and gentle comments on my horseys. They are evasive creatures.

(Andreas) What a pity that you must move only between the mundane neighborhoods of the Adriatic and Carinthia... When I can travel between epic-like Blue Ball and Bird-In-Hand. Sigh... Somehow my trips seem not to evoke the same epochal muscle.

But anyway - your twin points re. pastoral and landscape with horses (or is that one point made particularly well?) are trenchant. I like that interpretation(s). Thanks.

pnfphotography said...

Ted I have a video clip on my page that shows a wild horse gathering and the corrals. It will give anyone a sense of the wildness of a wild horse just listening to it. I can hardly wait and hope I can get the shots I need and have waited for almost two years to get.