Saturday, June 30

Hear Stephen Foster?

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Evocative Southern images have an air of being made from pictures of the past. The continuity between then and now gets firmer the farther you meander below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Once a photographic image maker had to work within the laws of nature and gear. Back then explaining the way a mid-day-lit pre-bellum façade set off a bursting southern palm was extraordinarily challenging – maybe impossible. Either highlights got burnt to a crisp, or shadows were harder to penetrate that Stephen Hawkings’ latest book.

Now we can present the authentic place in a way that transcends the tyranny of gear and nature. Now we can allow facts to bleed together in ways that recreate the reality of a moment that never was .

Here’s tack sharp texture, saturated by a gentle palette which describes a sense of place. You know that should I pan down, you’ll see a white-suited gentleman tipping his Panama hat to skirted lady dressed to go shopping. Or at least you’ll not be surprised to watch them do their dance along Bay Street’s storefronts in Beaufort, South Carolina.

From this image you’ll agree with the place. But does it tell the time? Which is, after all, my point.


Thomas said...

You certainly captured the "Southern comfort" feeling as good as possible. The colors and textures on those bricks are really conveying the feeling - for me at least, who has never actually been in the southern US.

The timelessness of the picture is a bit spoiled though - those sunblinds speak "modern times!" rather distinctly

Ted Byrne said...

Izzat True?????? Oh No... Hmmmm.... Should I take the blinds out? I can do that. Or do they mix the centuries effectively.

I wonder when venetian blinds were invented? Where they around when Venice was a Renaissance force? That'd be good for my image. I've seen expensive and elegant wood blinds in Elizabethan-style homes which look quite old.

I guess I could Google around, eh. On the other hand... I'm pretty lazy. I shall spend much time contemplating the effort... and by that time you will all forget about it,right?

Thanks for sharing Thomas...