Tuesday, June 5


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Bluffton is a tiny town in the southeast of South Carolina. Residents are determined to turn it into an artsy/antique stop for upscale traffic flowing from Hilton Head to Savannah, GA.

Civilization, like tree rings, happens in layers. So does jungle. Oddly they both build over the present. We dig down under most cities and we find the debris of those who came there before us. Dig down farther though, and we find jungle. Jungle was here before us… and in many spots on earth… it came after us.

Look at how the builders of this house - once a home - took care. Oddly, the colors have survived the materials they packaged.

Not far from this place Bluffton people are remodeling and building anew. A block away they are constructing an entire main street soon to be filled with shops with facades that will capture a retro charm of the 1920s and 30s.

But here at this crumbling place soon a decision will be made, either by developers or by jungle. One thing though: in the Low Country so close to the coastal swamps, developer decisions will only - for a geological moment - distract the jungle.

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Bill said...

Looks like the sun has made an appearance. Yeah!
Isn't it amazing how much character lives on in this old abandoned building? Great shot with tremendous emotional impact. There's a story here for sure. Those shiny new facades they're building on main street will, no doubt, become the subject of thousands of snapshots by the tourists they pull in but I betcha none will match the character of this little treasure being swallowed up by the jungle.