Wednesday, June 27

Naked Image

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So a guy, calls himself, "Lurker", sends me an email. And he asks, "Okay Ted, so I see that you need to pimp up your images in PP (um, that's Post Production techniques, for those of you new to the jargon). In fact, you seem addicted. Fine. That's what you do and you do it really good. But, what do your naked images look like? Take that Middlebury, Vermont series. Can you show us a virtually untouched image... or does everything you take need assistance? I dare you. Double dare you. Show us even one naked!"

Whoa... a double dare! I mean what self respecting boy ever welched out on a double dare? Um... alright... except for adjusting the basic values in this one... and of course cropping it for composition... And adding just one teeny touch. How'z this? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Can I go naked, or what?


John Roberts said...

I used to be easily goaded into this type of challenge/debate/argument on the wonderful internet. Film vs. digital, this brand camera vs. that brand, Photoshopers vs. the "purists"; I was ready to jump in on any debate. Now I just grin and move on. As Andy Warhol was famous for saying, "I just don't care". They can shoot what they want, with whatever brand camera they want to shoot with, manipulate it or leave it "naked", disagree with my equipment choices and make condescending remarks about what I do with my images after exposrure - I just don't care. You don't have anything to prove to these people, Ted. The folks that frequent your site like what you do; that's why they come back again and again. Ignore the rest - they're not worth your time.

pnfphotography said...

IMPRESSIVE.... grins... I like images with post work or no work... its all about the moment. smiles... your work rocks...

Ted Byrne said...

You're right John... I've had that debate with a bunch of folks, particularly when I used to frequent Radiant Vista. Fact is that PP allows us to trundle down an entirely shiny new tunnel in the great cavern of art. Just as photographers relieved graphical artists of their photojournalistic responsibilities - forever changing drawn image making... so to will PP now allow photographers the opportunity to leave the plagiarization of nature and/or the moment behind and with the ability to truly create images that carry what we imagine.This has truly changed photography.

Is this better than traditional photographic representationalism... or as I call it... organic photography? Well, yeah. Is it superior? Uh-huh. Are these outrageous value judgements aimed at making organic photographers turn Kodachrome II colors? Well, sure.

But, Lurker is a nice guy who often writes... and his challenge was made good humoredly (sp?). And frankly, if we can't do the basics, we have no right mucking about on the cutting edge - so it's good to perform a classical exercise just to prove to me at least that I still know how.

And PNF.... When you write, "your work rocks..." Well, my blushing glows red. But... it sure feels good. Thanks...