Sunday, June 3

Pepsi Tanks

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Pity how much detail is lost in this image when it was compressed for the web. The sky is super detailed at 19X13". And Emporia can use every bit of detail it can get. It's a place you can spend a couple of weeks in - overnight.
What I liked were the world class sized tanks of Pepsi. Guess you gotta' store it somewhere for all of those soda fountains, eh?
There are those who say that the sweet light of morning can make anything look compelling... enticing... inviting. Dunno about that. Considering Emporia at sunrise, you decide. You want to visit?

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advman said...

Funny. This gives me no sunrise feeling. It's a dim industrial sundown. It's a game map, not for Unreal Tournament but for Quake 3 if anybody knows what I try to express :)

Like it. Very graphic. Very dangerous.