Sunday, June 24

Men Communicate

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Men know everything about talking in vision. There are looks we never practice, and of course unless facing a mirror, we never even see.

Joe kissed her, passed Jessica to stand before the altar, put out his hand to Greg and without uttering a word... said this.


John Roberts said...

We all know and understand that look. Good timing to capture it - it doesn't last long. It doesn't have to.

advman said...

Fantastic image. There is really nothing about it that I don't like. It's the kind of image that makes one want to make a movie :)

Stunning. Spectacular. A perfect archetype.


pnfphotography said...

What a perfect moment to have captured. Very moving indeed and yes men have their own unique way of communication as do women. LOL... excellent moment one is daughter will treasure I am sure.

Thomas said...

Nonverbal communication punctually visually captured... Great!

paul said...

I'd have to agree with Andreas. This is a perfect archetype, perhaps even stereotype! There is a clear message here. No other information needs to be given. Wonderful!

Ted Byrne said...

John's right.... timing is everything. BUT... we can be prepared for it. I was in a good positiona you can see, behind the groom as Joe & Jessie came down the aisle. I suspected that some communication would happen between Joe and Greg. I prefocused, set the camera to multiple exposure and at the last instant let fly a burst.

But perhaps, as pnf suggests... I was looking forward to manly communication and would have missed a similar moment that she would catch at a wedding.... Probably a ton of them, eh?

Paul, Thomas, Andreas --- thanks. It's our challenge to capture those thousand words which a picture is worth. Too many pictures take more than a thousand words to explain. It's nice when the planning pays off. And when you have terrific subjects at a very elegant event.