Friday, June 22

Mid Day Light

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The line read...

"The only way she had

Not to be amazed was to be dead."

And it recalled last Saturday

Nearby Middlebury, Vt.

And how its memory

Resolved a poem.


pnfphotography said...

Hi I must say this is a very dreamy image. I love the country light seen in this image. Thank you for taking the time to look at my new page. I am just learning how to blog. I will sift thru your images.

advman said...

Wow, that's an image one has to see big. I AM amazed as well :)

Nice way to treat a sky, making it monochrome and giving it a brooding color. Not subtle, sure not, but incredibly effective :)


Ted Byrne said...

#1 pnfphotography is a delightful site that everyone can enjoy check it out by clicking here! This mysteriously unknown lady points her lens largely at wild-life, but particularly horses. And her captures are trenchant. You may have seen one of her non-wildlife images in jpg magazine? I did. Kew-el.
#2 Thanks to both of you for noticing the lighting that I worked (overworked?) so hard to communicate in this image. Yes Andreas, the sky is one of my, er... understated presentations. But the clouds were screeeching out to be noticed last Saturday against a flawless canvas of blue. Meantime that very rural farm (we had to drive for miles over dirt roads to reach it) contrasted poignantly against the Green Mountains of Vermont. Perhaps this is a cliché? But it is a magnificient one, eh?


Thomas said...





And yes, Ted, this is one of the most gorgeous clichés I've seen for quite a while.

Ted Byrne said...


Thanks Thomas - for those who have never seen your work (click on Thomas's name to go there) you cannot know what a compliment this is. But then again pnf and advman are luminaries as well... whuudda team of critical reactions... In the immortal words from her Osacar acceptance....

"They like me! They really like me!" - Sally Fields