Tuesday, June 12

Izzit Worth Photographing?

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You know that I don't want to imitate nature, but I still want to find a formal unity in my images. Okay, so here's a distinct shape, a compact form and smooth colors. It's not so much the real-life feelings I'm trying to frame within my margins, nor a slavish reproduction of what's in front of my lens, nope. What I'm after is my own arrangement of formal classical elements. Here's the test... does the image communicate an authentic feeling, mood, presence? Do you sense a message?

Yeah... that's it. See there's a risk of caricature when you deal with an image like this which has been contrived for cameras. Is there any fresh way to render a novel idea of a structure which was constructed to decorate calendars? This tower is a stage set. It's perfect from evey angle. Tell me, is that even worth rendering? is there any way that the final idea can be mine in any way?

Let me know, huh?

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advman said...

Mmm ... stunning sky :)

Of course the answer is a resounding "YES" and you know it, but I let myself be teased anyway.

I don't know why you're so obsessed with calendars, obviously you saw some and some postcards too while you were there. Thankfully the world is fractal by its nature, and there is always a way to view at things from a slightly different angle, to use different light, another color palette, or when this all does not work, to throw in a stunning sky.

And even if I would take an image and find out that someone else had taken it before, I would not feel like a plagiator. A certain configuration would have lead two minds to the same conclusions. This is known to have happened :)