Saturday, June 2

Richmond Birds

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Just off of Shockoe Slip in Richmond, VA there's a rehabed wharehouse filled with a store called, These Four Walls. It's strewn with guys like these. As charming as they are I wonder where in China they're made? There are lots of cool shops across America filled full with charming Oriental clutter. Why are empty spaces an insult to women? Okay... sounds sexist, but it's, like, true - right? Clear coffee table? Vacant room corner? Bare ledge? Every woman I know will feel drawn to plop down silk flowers, another lamp, a decorative book, some shells, or a piece of mass produced sculpture like this.

Now I don't find that offensive or even annoying. Nope, once I see it... hey... I like it well enough. But an open space just doesn't tractor beam me to scour shops like These Four Walls. What feminine instinct creates this lucrative Chinese market? Ideas anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps there aren't too many of us out there, but I can assure you that THIS female is with you 100% about clutter (yuck) and nice empty places (aah). Now if only my husband would stop wanting to pick up decorative knick-knacks wherever we go...

Enjoy your site very much!