Tuesday, June 19

Blooming Analysis

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Told you that we visited Middlebury, VT this past weekend for a wedding. Do any of you recall the last Bob Newhart Show? The Larry, Darrel, and Darrel one where they kept the "Harmony Inn"? Well, the wedding reception was held there - in the place where the exterior shots were taken for that Newhart show. As I ambled the garden out back I recalled a picture of a magnolia I'd taken a week before in Savannah, Georgia - over a thousand miles to the south. Perhaps you'll recall - or you can click here to review it.

Well anyway... as I looked at the fat peonies which grow all over this part of Vermont, I realized how dramatically different, yet similar the two places are. Each at this time of year sports fat fleshy flowers. But somehow in Middlebury, where there's ice and snow from November through early April, the blooms seemed even more magical. Plus there was the wedding thing going on in the background, the music, the party... And I began to wonder how to communicate all of this - the wildly different sense of place captured in the uniqueness of their blooms. Hmmmmm....

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pnfphotography said...

One of my favorite flowers and colors as well. Just beautiful indeed and scary enough I recall that last episode. LOL