Friday, June 15


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A magnolia in summer. Dixie, eh?

Might not be here tomorrow. See my message from yesterday.


advman said...


It's always interesting to see the different technical approaches to images you take. For instance contrast. You must have had tons of contrast here. Your result is well controlled, on the border to being too low on contrast, thereby shifting focus to the exquisite lines of the leaves.

If I compare that to the window of yesterday, I suppose the inherent contrast may have been much less, at least disregarding the glass pane. Still, you chose to push it to extremes, or better, to match contrasts around the window pane with that inside. Interesting.

Would you mind commenting on your decision process? Why of all possible choices exactly these two?


Ted Byrne said...

Hmmmm.... interesting question Andreas. The star of the magnolia image is the flower. She demanded the klieg lights. But it is as much the setting as the window which fueled my idea for the Savannah location which watched entire cultures bloom and fade.

So in this image it was necessary to make everything about the bloom pop. But since so many flower shots are romantic given the feminine nature of flora... I seem to want my flower renderings to carry a sense that they were seen through a man's eye/brain/mind.

Of course the overwhelming sentimentality of magnificent blooms does elbow its way into my pictures... for example... see the June 17 posting which is a sort of companion image to this image. It probably couldn't be more stereotypical. Why? The devil made me do it - heh, heh, heh.

advman said...

Klieg light? I'm always amazed by the number of words I learn reading your texts :)