Thursday, June 21


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This was a problem. The couple stood shaded just inside of the sunny-side end of a tent with the full afternoon glare behind them upon the mountains, fields and minister. That demanded a small aperture, which in turn offered up great gobs of tack sharp detail in the searingly lit background. Of course I was stuck in my seat and lacked a fill flash. So, how to make lemonade from the dark-side of the bride and groom with extra busy detail filling in behind?

Here's my attempt at capturing the, "You May Kiss The Bride" moment. Thanks to JSimonian from the Canon Digital Forums who prodded me to remove some distracting artifacts left by the minister, I was able to distill out this excessively romantic image. So... now - Izzit good for you?

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advman said...

I've been in these situations, I've faced such obstacles, and I honestly have no idea how you did what you did.

Hmm ... actually I have and it makes me dizzy :)