Wednesday, March 7


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I can do ambiguous... But subtle? No... no... I do subtle the way that say, George Michael does subtle. Like Warhol, Souza, or maybe Jim Carey do subtle.
See this image? When I saw the toy I thought I could do a study of wood grain, carving and gentle colors. The way photographer friends have bathed things like cellos in sweet light. And then my imagination kicked in. And I saw the depth of the texture and the way the instruments actually gouged into the surface. And I saw the way the light created contrasts across what was anything but a smooth surface. And well... the image began to look designed by the same person who does Christina Aguilera's look.
I watched me teasing out the colors in all of their intensity. Hues that make a child giggle and run to the thing. And texture that invites kids to touch, bang, push, pull... rock and holler in joy as they ride the thing around.
And subtle went away.
Anybody got a cello?

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Bill said...


I wanted to run my fingers across this image to see if I could feel the texture and components of this toy. Silly, I know, but that was my reaction. You've captured its essence. Memories of childhood and the joy that could be found in such a well-crafted yet simple toy (batteries not required) abound.

Thanks for this one.