Monday, March 19

Still But Not Hushed

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This stuff we do is "still" photography. Now the question for today boys and girls... Is it "quiet" photography? Can we render images which resonate sufficiently that viewers hear them as well?

This was a sunrise last October over Wellfleet. That's a village on Cape Cod. In its middle is this tidal marsh. The water was rushing in. All around me were gurglings. Within minutes the momentarily dry footing I perched upon turned soggy, then sank beneath feet of swirling salt waters. Birds awoke loudly. And somewhere behind me a lumber mill's "blahhhhhhhhh" ripped apart logs.

As you look at Marsh #11 I wonder if you hear that morning music? Is it only because the image transports me somewhere inside my memory that I see the racket of sunrise? Or have you heard enough of them to make this still photograph, noisy?

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Bill said...

I can't hear it. but I can SMELL it. I have no idea why one sense is stirred to life instead of the other, perhaps it is something to do with memory. I did live within walking distance of salt water for four years and my most intense memory, the one that's called up most readily when I look at photos of the beach, is the smell of salt water and vegetation at low tide. Sound is only conspicuous through its absence so it may be that my brain is wired such that it prefers the olfactory over the auditory. Dunno, but thanks for posing the question.

Wonderful image Ted. So much to explore. When I move out towards the edges the lines in the grasses and the trees carry my eyes back to the middle ground where I spend time before repeating the cycle again. Thanks again for a great shot.