Sunday, March 11

Better To Make Than Receive

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At some point, if photographers are going to stake any claim upon creating art, we've got to make rather than receive pictures.

In 1756, Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf named this village "Litiz" since Anglicized as Lititz. Today was early spring and the town park's huge flock of ducks prowled about in the glimmering stream for suckers who'd grind a quarter's worth of seed to toss at them. A chance for picture making, eh?

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Andreas said...


that's another one of those images where I'd really like to see what came out of the camera. Hmm ... interesting technique.

But to the point of picture making, I am sometimes amazed at Craig Tanner's approach. Have you seen his from-start-to-finish video "Blue Elise and the Dock" (or so)? He mixes different images, exchanges backgrounds, stretches what would not fit otherwise, in short he does everything that would make the "organic" (as you seem to call them) purist run away screaming. I'd call that picture making.

Actually, compared to that, I am tame. I clean up dirt, I play with colors, I dodge and burn, I combine different versions from one RAW file and use masks, yes, all that, and of course I crop, but that's it. I believe in all my Images of the Day I have stretched one corner to bend a line. Funny, uhh?

Why that is? Hmm ... I think it's that I am still finding new ways to be creative with the camera itself. Believe me, I spend much more time in Photoshop than most people would consider healthy, but I consider it really "post-processing", not the act of creativity itself. I think I will do that some time, but for now I see my focus around the camera.

Don't get me wrong, nothing of that is judgmental, it's only that I have a different method of working. I respect (and in fact value) yours, I believe you respect mine and I can live with people who only respect theirs. So what, the world is big enough :)