Saturday, March 10


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It is bad form to show visible panty lines. Which has led, in part, to thongs. From my viewpoint: Hey, not a bad thing. Nope,not at all.
Looking down at Christian Street here... There's a need for some infrastructure thonging. See how it's popping up through the covering? Can you imagine the foundation garments hidden beneath one of Lancaster's oldest streets? The church on the left dates from the early seventeen hundreds. Not even young by European or Asian standards, but hereabouts... it's ancient. And so too is whatever's under Christian Street. Problem is, the stuff doesn't want to stay covered.
Bad form eh? Wonder how they keep the past from tearing up into the present other places? On the other hand, given the way history keeps unexpectedly repeating itself in everything else we do... Maybe we need to apply some thong therapy to our politicians, our executives, our journalists... and to our Christian Streets... Eh?


Anonymous said...

What's at the end of this road? It doesn't matter. This isn't a road 'to' some place as much as it's a road 'through' some place. All those blemishes in the pavement slow you down, give you time to look around and what you see may not be pretty, it's better than that, it's evocative. I want to know how this neighbourhood came to this state and who lives here and what are their stories.

It's all about the journey. Gteat image Ted.

Andreas said...

Goodness, Ted, you're the master of impossible associations! Some make me wonder, some make me smile, this one makes me smile even more :)

Bill is right, this is a slow image. I love slow images and slow movies. They made a lot of slow movies in the 1960s and 1970s. "Brokeback Mountain" is a slow movie, "The Straight Story" is a slow movie and this is a slow image.