Saturday, March 24

Solve This Mystery

<- Photo from Bill Birch

Okay everyone.... here is a mystery for you. Will you please CLICK HERE to discover your detective assignment. If you click on the comments line after Bill Birch's story... you will see how far I've come. Using your image enhancing skills and your Sherlock Holmes' deductive powers... can you help fill the story in? Come on... let's see some powerful intelligence focused here... Okay?

From just the information in Bill's image:
1. Can you pinpoint the year/season/month of the photo?
2. Can you identify/date any of the elements re. function and/or date of construction?
3. Can you guess what is on that guy's head and why?
4. Can you create a credible story for the scene, given Bill's details?
5. I am particularly intrigued with the name of the financial institution's building and the meaning
of the large words on the billboard.
6. Can anyone clearly make out the words painted on any of the windows in the rear?

There's probably a great story inside of each of you which this image will trigger and if you'll share your comments here... That'd be REEEEELY cool!

And pass the URL ofmy page here along to friends. Let's see if we can get a large community of image savy folks concentrating on this. Puzzles are exciting... no?


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Anonymous said...

Wow, you've really spent some time on my little mystery Ted. Thanks for taking an interest. You've posed lots of questions. Here are some answers and some of my own observations:

The picture is of my dad (not granddad) who was born in 1910 putting him in his early 20's if my estimate is correct.

I make out the name on the bank to be ... Provident and agree that it's a bank. The first word has me stumped. The scan brought out detail that was not readily readable in the original and the posted version is about as good as it gets. I suppose I could go back and rescan at different resolutions and with different brightness, contrast etc settings zeroing in on things like lettering. Move over CSI.

Interesting observations on the phone number, I'll follow up on all the billboard info.
I posted the picture on the Antique Auto Club of America and was advised that it was a 1926 Chevy Roadster. I did a search on Google Images and confirmed this.

I also sent the image to the Buffalo Historical society but no response yet.

Amongst this batch of photos, I came across another of the car but with an unknown man (the photographer maybe?) and a woman in it. I am working on this.

Agreed, the dude in the hat does not look very pleased.

Yes, noon and probably looking south.

I will be visiting my sister at Easter when I hope to get my hands on some more photos and, with luck, some more clues.

So, there you have it. Thanks again for you interest and also for the space on your blog. This could be great fun.