Friday, March 30

I Need Some Advice Please

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These are a couple of views of my home studio. As you can see it is a large space under the eaves of a home that was originally built in the 1860s. We have restored it.

You will note that there are two partial dormers. In the upper picture the dormer to the left faces East and gets the direct morning sun. And in the bottom picture you will see the other dormer which gets the direct afternoon sun. My problem is that I am an artist who does a lot of work (as you can see from this blogsite). You will also see an HP Photosmart 8750 on the desktop just to the left of the monitor area in the top photo. That is a wonderful printer which has a 13" mouth. So I usually print on 13 X 19" paper and mount them in 16 X20" frames.

I'd really like to hang, at least my latest prints here in my studio. BUT... under the eaves, the walls slant. And I cannot hang images in the dormers given the power of the sun to bleach them colorless in short order. The little horizontal space on the north and south walls is largely filled with file cabinets and book cases.

What to do? You 'll see my email address to the right of this text. If you're shy about posting a message, drop me a line with your suggestions. If you mount pictures along sloping walls they look anything but elegant. This is a terrific space, air conditioned in summer, warmed comfortably in winter. It's comfortable for working, reading, or just listening to music. But it sure seems sterile without images. HULP!


Bill said...

This looks like a nice cozy little retreat in which to work your magic Ted. Suggestion #1: Lose one or more of your book shelves to open up some of the vertical wall space. How many of those books do you reference daily, weekly, monthly? How many are just collecting dust?

Suggestion #2: What about one of those Japanese screens/room dividers to hang your images on? They dont take up a lot of floor space and they're portable.

Suggestion #3: An easel?

Nothing terribly creative here but may get you thinking.

Good luck

Ted Byrne said...

Lose my books!!!! Gasp...wheeze... pant... pant...pant...pant.... No... No... NO! Not ever. The fact is that we have a library on another floor. This library is almost exclusively my photobook, photography instructional, graphic, and design collection. Believe it or no, I'd say that I use some 70% of these references over the course of a month.

I have an easel there under the plant in the eastern dormer (where I can put the back of the print to the afternoon sun).

But, you know I may be able to try a screen. A bunch of people have written me that advice. Hmmmm... wonder how I get some screen advice?