Monday, March 5

Pattern Search

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Perhaps ancient monkeys who recognized faces looming among the leaves escaped the tigers? Regardless, some primal part of our brains has evolved to seek out patterns. Maybe that's why we're so contentious, since each of us is capable of finding, then defending' our understanding of patterns we discover in everything that swirls about us?

There's a curly willow tree on a pot beside the front door to our home. It's been pruned. On a wintery day, it's leafless and hibernating. Actually it's pretty ugly, and we'll probably replace it come Spring. But each day as I notice it aside the steps I see its tippy top and wonder about this pattern.

Wonder's a good thing, right?

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mcmurma said...

What a cool thingy. The contrast between the smooth OOF background and the richly textured branch create an engaging view. You see a bird, and yeah, I can see that too. I also see the wonderful abstraction of an everyday object anchored in a strong and demanding composition. "Look at me," it seems to sing. "I'm here, I'm beautiful, unique."

This image carries the power of composition, which I believe is one of the most enigmatic and difficult to describe qualities in any piece of art. (Like has been said of pornography, I'm not sure exactly how to define it, but I know it when I see it.) For me, good composition is like that. Devilishy hard to describe, but easy enough to recognize.