Tuesday, March 13

Um... Maybe this is better?

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At a semi formal dinner this evening, the person who was sat next to me mentioned that she found the hisorical preservations at Landis Valley Museum, "mysterious."
"It is as if you can sense the builders moving about them. And the lighting there," she poised between bitefuls to think for a moment. "It's as if it glows. My memory always plays Landis back to me in twilight. It's all very intriguing, if a tad scary."
So, with that lingering in mind, I revisited last night's orange farmhouse to see if I could find a ghostly presence at the place. Hmmmmm.... perhaps, if you squinch you eyes down... You can see it?


mcmurma said...

Well, I prefer the first version. I like not only the bold color but the rich ivy in the foreground. Besides, the buildings seem to sprout from the surrounding forest like brightly colored chanterelles. I like that.

Its all very earthy and strong.

Thanks for sharing,


advman said...

I cast my vote for #2. I like this Brothers-Grimm-Fairytale feeling :)