Friday, March 23


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Experience is what happens to you, but what you learned from it is what I call maturity. Yesterday was a learning day... I learned that when four deadlines coincide, well you do nothing other than meet them. Some of you recall that I am the editor four Pennsylvania business magazines. And because I sit in the Big Seat, I grab for myself the Big Job. Most months I try to write the cover stories.

Well this month the story was about the crisis in the road, water, sewage and utility systems that underpin the Commonwealth's economy. I thought it was about finished when I discovered that Governor Ed Rendell was in Lancaster to present his solution to the problem. Well, I junked everything, raced to the conference, and at its end I got him a alone and- asked his Excellency a question. That's when he yelled at me! Yeah, contorted his face and hollered. My question must have annoyed him.

Now this is a guy who was Mayor of Philadelphia, then chairman of the National Democrat Committee, and who is now in his second term as governor of one of America's largest states. He is widely considered a strong candidate to be the next Democrat candidate for Vice President. He has done it the hard way... by working at it intensly. So it came as a surprise that he is also wrapped tighter than a newly purchased CD.

Either that, or wow, can I ever ask questions.

But anyway. The material I picked up at the conference meant that I had to rewrite all of my articles and so yesterday and a lot of early this AM were cram packed full with rewriting. Which led me to miss my post yesterday. I guess I just have to get my priorities together huh? And when I do, I shall be mature.

Oh... the image? From a long time ago. The red brick building is Lancaster's original and still working Farmer's Market. The grey building is the Greist building and is the city's tallest. And the moon? It is there because I am able to make it be. Enjoy...

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mcmurma said...

Of course, I simply have to ask, whatever on earth did you say to this man? I suppose I'll need to read the publication for the answer :)

As for the image... Once again you have managed to stitch reality into the land of make-believe with the skill and finese of a master clocksmith. Each element in this image moves in harmony with the next as it floats like a dancer through the mind of the viewer. It's a wonderful display.

There is depth, presence, strength and power. And as if that weren't enough, it's bathed in mystery and timelessness. An American haunting.

Thanks much,