Tuesday, March 20

Commuting Through Lancaster

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There's something I wish photoblogs would do. I wish they'd show us their environs close up. Oh they can romanticize them, but still, images create an understanding of people in their place. So over the next months on an irregular basis, I'm going to grab graphics along my daily commute to the publishing HQ of Business2Business magazines where I am the Editor of four different monthly executive business magazines.

Now I won't bore you with this daily, but I offer it as example of what we can find in the commonplace of our lives. For example, this is my block on North Lime Street in Lancaster's historical district. To the right of these offices and homes is a large 19th century, meticulously maintained and privately occupied mansion. To their left and detached from these buildings is my townhouse. The picture was taken in 2003 in late March... see the patches of snow and early blooms on the bushes and trees? No, it's not an accurate rendering. I created it during my more, er, robust period of blown out colors. Still I like the brick and shutter feeling of my block and the undulating brick sidewalks, and the porches. These buildings went up in the mid 1800s for what was then Franklin College which was later renamed when it moved just westward of the city and is now called Franklin & Marshall College.

And here's the map we'll follow during this exercise. See the star toward the bottom? This image captures N. Lime Street just to the right of it. I'll take you along that route and show you things as I imagine them to be. And you can imagine yourself in the city I imagine. Hope you'll enjoy it. And I hope that I'll encourage other visitors to set off on a similar exercise and leave their URLs behind here so we can travel along with them as well.

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