Friday, March 2

Why Five?

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They met here in secret, even in winter. But five chairs?


advman said...

Interesting way to focus attention. Craig Tanner would have recommended a blur or a vignette, but this is incredibly effective as it reduces detail and darkens as well. Cool. I also like the color contrast.

Goodness, the image gets better, the longer I look at it. I've tried to find a fault, but there ain't none. Perfect balance between the square structure in the upper left corner and the gutter(?) in the lower right ... I could go on and on.

A great enigmatic image.


mcmurma said...

I must agree with A. I have liked this image from the moment you posted it but sometimes I get hung on exactly what to say. This one has had that effect and looking at it more isn't helping matters any.

I think the big draw for me in this image is the texture, and the way the shapes and tones all play off of one another. It harmonious, soothing, crusty and gritty, all at the same time.