Wednesday, March 21


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So here are my neighbors just up on the other side of the block. North Lime Street is one-way for traffic. I told you that this was the Historic District of the city of Lancaster. Musser Park on the other side of the street is just behind the Lancaster Museum of Art, which is itself the converted Grubb Mansion. These homes, together with last evening's posting give you an idea of my immediate neighborhood. Once again you'll notice the brick and shutter facades and brick sidewalks which Abraham Lincoln undoubtedly walked during one of his visits. His predecessor, James Buchanan was from Lancaster and his homestead is to the West of this area.

See here on the map... the arrow in green marked "2"? Well this marks the view of these townhouses pictured above which I have on my left each morning as I pull my VW Beatle out into traffic. Not too shabby, eh? Yeah, we're fortunate to live here.

Once a large limo with New York City license plates pulled up in front my house. A man in a rumpled suit got out and muttered to someone still inside, "How the hell can I find a way to live somewhere like this?" Well, it's a legacy we've received from the folks before us. We try to keep it up for the next generation. We're all on one sort of bridge or another, eh?

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