Tuesday, April 1

Quality Of Presence

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I did not take this picture.... I made it.

You understand the difference?


Early March, 2008: Seal Rocks Beach
San Francisco, CA.


Here's the original for ya...


mcmurma said...

What a great set of... um, lines. Yea, that's it. Lines:)

The beheaded figure goes a long way towards setting up this oddly engaging composition, and it opens up so many more questions than answers. I'm drawn at once to the figure, of course, but once there I almost feel cheated that there is nothing more of her to see.

Then, thinking I must have missed something I get led around the image again. Left to right, through the sand, bottom to top, and back again to the beheaded figure. Aargh! What does it all mean? Is there some social commentary going on here, am I over analyzing?

Then I think, well, Ted's done it again. He set the trap and now I've fallen into it. Nice work.

advman said...

Glad you didn't topple over :))

Honestly, this is an image that I wouldn't have been shy to make, but I would have been shy to take it in the first place. Good job :)

Ted Byrne said...

(Michael) Thanks as usual for your insight. I love surreal images which are not shadowy, foggy, monochrome. or speed/whorled/zoom blurred. When I saw her down there I realized exactly what I wanted to do with the image... It is amazing that if we take a portrait of a face, so much about the person is communicated... but if we show eighty percent of the person by picturing the body from neck down, and we tell so little.

There is meaning there, right?

(Andreas) Easy to take when I hide behind a rock :) Or my subject does....