Wednesday, April 16

As Promised

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Penelope stopped struggling , perhaps because of the rope that held her snug to the mizzen… Or perhaps because of the scoop of her neckline that held her far less snugly with each new fidget. Regardless of her motives, the plucky lass froze and watched through bomb-bursted air as the mighty ships engaged.


I found Penelope in a far back corner of a marine supply store along San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. She seemed abandoned atop a heap of rigging and ship fittings. I suspect that she was carved from wood and may be an authentic masthead from an 18th century brigantine. I'm guessing that she is tied to that pole until a buyer gives her a new home. At any rate, I pictured the image and found the tiny cheap Tall Ship models at at a tacky tourist shop a couple of stores up from Penelope's present home. This images came together almost exactly as I'd envisioned. Hope you enjoy.


Stacey Huston said...

Great Job! Love what you did with these photos..thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination with us..

John Roberts said...

Somehow, and I can't explain how, what you did to the background enhances the illusion of the struggle. Perhaps it's the sense of motion that it seems to add. I quit trying to figure out how you do what you do and just enjoy. BTW, I recently saw a photo of Whitney Houston wearing a similar dress that, likewise, was just barely keeping matters contained.

mcmurma said...

bear in mind that I'm viewing and commenting out of sequence with regards to the way they posted.

I like the muscleman image, but I love this one. It takes a bit more time to drink in, but the story is certainly there, and the flourish with which you treated the background is inspiring.