Friday, April 18

Fisherman Wharf Muscle Workers

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Master photographer Craig Tanner started this with an image he posted on February 14th. Click here to check Craig's image out and read the title closely. I posted a comment on that Tanner image and since then I've been on the lookout for sort of the same thing a continent away from Craig's Savannah morning.

So? Wuddaya think? Gotcha covered in San Francisco Craig... No need to travel 3,000 miles, right?


And here's the as-usual original...


Andreas said...

You "damsel in distress" did not really resonate with me, maybe it was simply the genre, but this is hilarious. I love the silhouette of the viewer. Can a silhouette, especially when seen from the back, look surprised? Obviously you have studied your McCloud deeply. Comics at their best :)

Stacey Olson said...

LOL isn't it great when someone challenges us without even knowing it. thanks for sharing

Craig Tanner said...

Hi Ted,

The funny thing about your image is that in addition to using one of my titles as a concept for your image.... the day you posted it we both posted images to our blogs that have the potential to bring a laugh to the viewer (I have Yeti mugging for the camera over on my blog) which is exactly what I did when I saw your image... its hilarious and like Andreas I love the genius of the over the shoulder composite shot.

OK... so this is just awesome.... not only am I going to take up the challenge and choose one of your titles as an inspiration and concept... you have given me an idea for a new assignment on my Next Step creativity workshops.

I love the fact that we are regularly getting the before images now..... for me its not only a huge inspiration to try see beyond the surface of what is in front of the camera.... your work inspires me to make my own work more about my imagination which is an awesome place.... beyond limits and beyond judgement. Thank you, thank you, thank you......Craig

Ted said...

(Andreas) Scott McCloud thanks you. Yeah, "Understanding Comics" has informed a whole bunch of my ideas. I recommend the book to every photographer.
(Stacey) Craig Tanner exists to return humility to the rest of us. He has a nasty habit of creating images which make us think we can do that. And then we try.. and... and... Well at least in my case the results defines frustration. Still, he dangles that carrot just beyond my muzzle... and it keeps me running.
(Craig) When you posted the original which I've linked along with this posting... I commented right away that the pun was just too easy.... Still, I couldn't resist when I cam upon this... this... Muscle Worker in California. It just made my hair stand on end.... As you can see in my response. As always I'm flattered that you stop by here.

You, and Andreas, and Stacey and so many others give me the nutrition to keep the energies going. Thanks to you guys I don't feel that this blogsite is a lonely tree falling in the forest.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ted - I really love this image and your sense of humor. And your facility with Photoshop. And with words - and - the list goes on! I just can't get around to everyone's blogs to post replies, so as you know, I've "specialized" and focus my replying energies onto the Radiant Vista community.

It was this comment of yours, tho, that made me stop and leave a comment: "Thanks to you guys I don't feel that this blogsite is a lonely tree falling in the forest."

Whether we admit it or not, one of the reasons - perhaps the biggest reason - that we post images to forums and maintain blogs - is to share our ideas via images and words with our fellow men and women who have similar interests. And, yes, when no one thinks enough of us or our postings to post a comment, they we sometimes end up feeling like we're a falling tree in a silent forest with no human ear to hear the vibrations.

I admire those who keep up blogs. I don't have the energy or time to do so, lol.


mcmurma said...

No denying the craft that covers this piece. You have taken an idea (that happened to involve a plastic figure of a muscleman) and transformed (there's that word again) it into an event, complete with onlooker.

I watch a lot of anime simply because I admire the animation. And sometimes they even have a decent storyline. Here you have created both in one frame. Nifty.

Debra Trean said...

too much fun.....grins..