Sunday, April 6

Pennsylvania Primary #1

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Some 150 years ago on this corner they may have heard cannon fire rolling in from Gettysburg to the west. Or perhaps an odd calvary troop or supply train meandered along these streets. Four score and seven years before that the British were garrisoned all about keeping their horses in private homes just up that street to the left there. A year or so before that the Continental Congress of the United States declared this place the nation's capital and held session about two blocks off to the right of this spot.

History has a way of passing through the city of Lancaster, stopping for a chat and a meal, then swirling on its way.

It's garrisoned in store fronts today. Here's one just across North Queen Street. Fitting this one's on Queen Street, eh? I tried to walk my dog Rocco past the other as well this afternoon but couldn't find it. Maybe next weekend.

The thing is, Lancaster has a way of putting history into perspective... Calming it down. Then sending if off to do whatever it's going to do... Usually somewhere else.

Um, yeah I know that's the Clinton HQ and yes I know which way the sign is pointing. Y'godda problem widdat? :)


Here for those of you who are interested, let me plunk the picture from my camera.


Stacey Huston said...

You sure live in an interesting area full of history. I love that you post the original photo at the bottom also. Thanks for sharing !

pnfphotography said...

Your amazing what you can do with a photo to make it look just so original and inspiring. Very cool...

advman said...

Different. Very much different. I'm not sure if I understand what the bubbles mean :)

Composition-wise this is mondrianesque and I like that. The straight mesh of the world :)

Ted Byrne said...

Thanks Stacey and Deb. As for Andreas... What I was trying to do, and maybe haven't... was to suggest a Polaroid print which time was beginning to bubble. So that there was an inherent contradiction between the unfaded, vivid color, and the impact of age upon the media. Get it... Immediate History! Zowie!

Problem is, when you have to explain a joke, it ain't working. Oh well, it was a cool idea... maybe too subtle? Thanks for the try to crack it though.