Tuesday, April 29

April Sailing #2

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My buddy Steve contracted with Jeremy Hopkins to teach him to handle the 36 foot sailing yacht he chartered. Jeremy learned his craft in the Royal Navy and he's got papers that will probably let him captain an aircraft carrier. He's charming, and more importantly he can teach. It's in his manner actually, he's one of those people who not only loves what he does, but shares the passion - y'know what I'm sayin' here? He teaches by letting the student do. Impressive.

I like this triptych ... it's nuanced to say a lot about the guy's seriousness, charm, and humor. Add in competence and well... character matters, eh? And it's that kind of strength that can turn a student's resolve into action. Which gets me back to the teaching point.


bikejohn said...

Great portraits Ted. I completely agree that character counts. And these images really portray a lot about Jeremy's character.

Great shooting.

Stacey Olson said...

You know, I am really impressed with how you really captured the emotions on this mans face, he really does appear to enjoy what he is doing, and most importantly I don't see a look of terror in any of these, If I was teaching this you sure would. thanks for sharing

Andreas said...

Ahh! Sean Connery disguised as a sailor :))

Great portraits and a great subject as well.

Debra Trean said...