Sunday, April 13


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It didn't so much sit as it squatted there in front of the 10AM sun forcing everyone to squint. And I wonder, does squinting cause reality to scrunch into your imagination? I'm just sayin' that when you squint way down upon something, are you only letting enough in through your eyes to see it as it is, or as your imagination wants it to be? Hmmmmm?


And if you're wondering what the camera saw without squinting... Here's the original.


advman said...

Cameras are boring. Hehehe.

Great concept. I think our vision when squinting is not too far away, at least mine is not. It's smoother, yes, but that smoothness is also boring. And then there is the fact that squinting is a somewhat forceful way of looking, and for that the rough texture is not bad, not at all. Visual metaphor? I like that.

Stacey Huston said...

Great shot, I love what you did with it. I also think you have to hold your mouth just so, or you won't see things quite clearly either. You notice more this way.. LOL thanks~ Stacey

Ted Byrne said...

(Andreas) Issac Asimov was the earliest literary influence upon me. While they wanted me to read the girly stuff like Bronte, Dickens, Austen, Mtchell, du Maurier, Pasternak, Lawrence, Tolstoy, Eliot. I'm convinced that boys are systematically turned off o literature at a young age by the insistence that action adventure cannot fall into the canon of acceptable serious reading.

I rebelled and read every Sci Fi book I could find. It was a literature which drew me to science, cosmic questions, and things extroverted rather than the insular.. Me... me... me... determinism of the female driven romance literature. Sci Fi taught us that we can transcend the mystical and love fired fuzzyness to find answers in our rational sides.

This image is a reflection of that early wonder. I like wonder... it has driven me throughout my life. While I respect the gentle and sensitive approaches of female artists, my voice is textured, forceful, edgy, and vibrantly colorful. A voice I guess one would call, masculine, eh?

Ted Byrne said...

(Stacey): You are very generous, and funny. What a wonderful combination. Thanks...