Sunday, March 30

Tim Burton's House

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Wasn't sure. First I thought this was an under-the-opening-credits scene for an Oliver Stone or Michael Moore flick. You know, their vision of America on a good day?

But of course this place up the coast from William Randolph Hearst's mansion... It is exactly how San Simeon would have come about if conceived by Tim Burton.


And here's the original of this WW II bunker sitting atop a hill along the coastal highway early this month.


Bill Birtch said...

Great image Ted. Definitely creepy and right at home in a Tim Burton flick.

I am up and running again by the way. Took your advice and switched to Blogger. Clicking on my name should give you the new address.

Thanks for your support,

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Yes, definitley "Burton's" ;)

John Roberts said...

I enjoy your social commentary as much as your art. Each compliments the other.

pnfphotography said...

smiles and it looks as creative as TB this is wonderful as always!!!

advman said...

Absolutely fascinating. I am always surprised by how far you go, but of course it pays.

I don't know if this is creepy, but it's for sure unique :)

Ted Byrne said...

(Bill) Okay, your site looks poised to pour forth your stuff. So come on and pour.
(Chad, John, PNF, Andreas): I am hapy with this. It ended a cold streak for me. I'd been heavily using my MacBook Pro the last week or more... And I just couldn't find what I imagined in my prints. This one I did on my workstation and found that I again had complete control. Whew... I reeeeeely was afraid I'd lost my touch. Thanks for the reinforcement.