Friday, April 25


Early last year I bought a 17" MacBook Pro. In October while in Italy, the Hard Drive spontaneously crashed and destroyed all of my stored data of that trip. Apple replaced the hard drive. In February that hard drive crashed, destroying all un-backed up data. Apple replaced the MacBook Pro. Last Tuesday the new machine's hard drive (All Seagates) crashed destroying all un-backed up data including all files pertaining to my last posting of Pigeon Point Lighthouse. These .jpgs then are the only remaining examples of this image. I am very bummed. Apple has the machine, they are apparently replacing the hard drive. Sigh. Thanks for your interest in these images, I like them, but they will never be printed. Darn.

A small footnote: According to the internet reports (simply Google +MacBook Pro +Seagate for a lot of examples of the crashes), when these Seagate drives crash they tear through the disks making data recovery impossible. I am now three for three, a terrible set of coincidences I guess.

I'M OFF SAILING THIS WEEKEND! Going out onto Chesapeake Bay for a couple of days. Hope the images will be cool and the days warm. We'll see next week, eh?


Stacey Huston said...

So sorry to hear of you data loss.. But I do have to say thanks for the heads up.. I have hundreds of photos taken this year on my pc and have not yet backed them up. They are on an external hard drive so I guess I was relying on a falce sence of security I will be putting them all on disc asap.. Have a great weekend.. and bring back some fantasic images.. (grin)

Theodore Black said...

My heart goes out to you, I to have lost pictures to my failure to back up. Wish I was out sailing also you lucky dog you. Stay dry.