Saturday, April 5

Urban Art Float

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A friend opened a show last night... his first. I went to do my own idiosyncratic image take on the opening. You know, like this...

The gallery is also a sizzling city beauty salon. Very chi-chi... very trendy... very IN! They've installed excellent track lighting and the art work is well lit on walls that are broken with large panes so the inside plays peek-a-boo with the city just beyond the windows.

It's as if the art's afloat in an urban attitude.


For those who want to see... here are the originals out of the camera.


pnfphotography said...

Ted - nice to hear the show went well and hope you had a fun time. I like the way you show the before and after. Shows me what a great eye you have for post work. :) Enjoyed

Bill Birtch said...

A less creative person simply would have cropped out those distracting backgrounds and left it at that but you, Ted, have actually made them work, to the point where they actually compliment the art work Nice one.

By the way, I've started reading On Photography, but only in small spurts - so much to absorb, and learn that I have to stop frequently to let it soak in. Wow!

Ted Byrne said...

(PnF & Bill) Thank you both for the nice words. I'm going to do some more images from this show. I intended as I opened the shutters on these two to make images which captured the way the gallery designers wanted to bring the art out onto the streets. It's an intriguing idea.

(Bill) Re. Susan Sontag's, 'On Photography' - I knew you'd enjoy her depth. And you are correct, it has to be taken in small doses. As best as I can tell, the book is a seamless collection of essays she wrote on photography over a number of years. And each was the result of considerable thought about so many things that I find photographers debating. It's especially astonishing, and maybe a great compliment, to learn that Sontag was not a photographer. Rather she was perhaps one of the most seriously thoughtful fans that photagraphers have had to date.

I'm looking forward to discussing it with you, and with everyone else who grabs a copy of the paperback edition. Point is though, I think you need to have a tad of maturity to let her ideas resonate.

But wudda I know?

Marti said...

Hi Ted,

Love this image. The waves you've added in your processing remind me of the multitude of sound waves coming across the airwaves in these last few months leading up to the conventions. I often feel totally bombarded with them and your image captures that feeling perfectly for me.

Thanks for keeping on keeping on!!


advman said...

Hehe, so far I've only managed to buy the book, but I guess I'll have it read by fall :)

Regarding the image, yes, Bill has it.

Ted Byrne said...

(Marti): Um... waves? Oh... the lighting about the upper print? Gosh, I didn't think of them as waves until you suggested them. How thoughtful. I love it when people look through an image and see something unintended, yet obvious once pointed out. Yes... yes... you are right, there is that feeling of airwaves... BTW, you realize if we really could see broadcast airwaves, we'd be blind!
(Andreas): Read the damned book. It will blow you away. It is your book. I think she had you in mind. Heh heh heh....